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Nolin Lake


Historical Trivia:
The Nolin River is named for the early American explorer and Kentucky militia member, Benjamin Lynn. Serving under George Rogers Clark during the Revolutionary War, Lynn traveled to Illinois to spy on the British and Indian forces, and also played a pivotal role in the Northwest Campaign on 1778-79. Following his return to Kentucky, Lynn and several friends were camped in the Green River Area. Lynn became separated from his friends and could not be found for several days. Each night, they returned from the search reporting “No Lynn.” The river at which they camped became known as the Nolin.
Nolin Lake was created by the US Army Corps Of Engineers when they built a dam on The Nolin River near the community of Bee Spring.
The 5,795 acre Nolin River Lake provides recreational opportunities to over 2 million visitors per year. These visitors come to Nolin for camping, boating, fishing, swimming, picnicking, hunting, and relaxing. With miles of scenic shoreline and cool, clear water, Nolin is the perfect summer getaway. And Pine Paradise is the perfect retreat for any size family or group on Nolin Lake.








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